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resource recovery

What is Resource Recovery?

Resource recovery is the activity of separating materials from waste that can be recycled into new products or used as an energy alternative to fossil fuels and is actioned with the goal of diverting as much waste from landfill as possible. It’s a part of an important goal being adopted worldwide which is to secure […]

Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy: A Triple Benefit to the Environment

Since the industrial revolution, fossil fuels have been the greatest provider of energy in the developed world. Fossil fuels are hydrocarbon-containing materials that when burned produce energy used for electricity, heating and powering vehicles. Fossil Fuels, however, are a non-renewable resource and a major contributor to greenhouse gases. Major strides are being made in the […]

infrastructure sustainability

Infrastructure Sustainability and Waste Management

Infrastructure includes everything from the roads we drive on, the buildings and communities we live in, to the management of waste. Infrastructure sustainability considers the overall design, construction, and operation that is optimized to meet the environmental, social and economic outcomes. One of the key areas crucial to infrastructure sustainability is Waste Management and there […]

Row of trash bins for recycling

The Importance of Corporate Waste Management

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN’s climate science body, published a report that stated the world has 12 years before the effects of climate change are irreversible. Forty Australian experts provided input to the report, involved in Working Groups on the Physical Sciences, Impacts, Adaption and Vulnerability and the Mitigation of Climate Change. […]

Waste Management for Construction Sector

How Do You Make The Construction Process Sustainable?

The demand for green commercial construction is increasing as the issue of landfill, it’s environmental impact and sustainability become increasingly prevalent. Sydney’s 2030 Zero Waste Target and the impact of the China sword policy are major contributors to the increased pressure on greater sustainability and greener building practices and for good reason. The construction and […]