How Do You Make The Construction Process Sustainable?

The demand for green commercial construction is increasing as the issue of landfill, it’s environmental impact and sustainability become increasingly prevalent. Sydney’s 2030 Zero Waste Target and the impact of the China sword policy are major contributors to the increased pressure on greater sustainability and greener building practices and for good reason. The construction and demolition sector accounted for approximately $20.4 million of tonnes of waste in the year 2016-17 alone making it one of the largest waste source streams. With so much waste being produced per year, and increased demand on greener building, just how do you make the construction process sustainable?

Pre-Build Phase

Before starting the building process, it’s wise to discuss the materials to be used in your project. Consider whether the materials have been sourced locally or if they are renewed materials from a previous project. You can also discuss if they are recyclable and where they can be re-used in future projects.

Building Proper

There are other aspects to waste management other than materials to consider for your project. Many heavy construction machines can be overworked or overused, which can lead to wasting energy rather than it being used efficiently. Efficiency also covers the cost. If your machines are operating unnecessarily during downtime, you may incur a greater fuel cost in your overall expenses. Consider using electricity or solar powered machines so that you can be confident that your site limits its harmful emissions. 

Build Phase

During the construction phase, you will have to manage the waste produced during the building proper. This can be an involved process due to the types of waste that will require management. This stage of the build is also a crucial contributing factor to the green credentials of your build. The green credentials of your build are primarily based on the project’s ability to divert as much waste from landfill as possible.

It is important to partner with a waste management provider that will assess and design a tailored solution to your site based on the types of waste and equipment you will require for effective waste management. A reputable waste management provider will take the time to assess your site and provide a solution that will reduce the chance of cross contamination of waste and effectively provide a higher rate of resource recovery.

Your choice of waste management provider must be considered carefully as they vary greatly based on recycling and resource recovery abilities. You should also consider the reporting requirements you have and the level of reporting you will require from your waste management provider. The Green credentials of a waste management provider are equally important – Green Star and ISCA ratings are accreditations that are recognized as the mark of quality for sustainability excellence and should be a significant contributing factor in your choice of provider.

Consider working with a waste management company that prioritizes sustainability in the construction site.

Grasshopper Environmental

Need a sustainable waste management solution for your construction site? Consider Grasshopper Environmental.

Grasshopper Environmental Pty Ltd provides professional and responsive Waste Management services to clients ranging from Tier 1 Construction to Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, Medical & Industrial Premises. Resource Recovery, Ethical Waste Management and 100% Environmental Compliance has underpinned our commitment to Environmental Sustainability for almost 40 years and has been the reason why so many clients have chosen to partner with Grasshopper Environmental.

Our four decades of experience serving Sydney’s construction, demolition, commercial and industrial sectors enables us to offer total waste management solutions that have received a green star accreditation.

As we have worked with many industries, we are ready to handle many types of waste disposal challenges on your construction site. We will help you separate recyclable and reusable waste, which prevents contamination and improves your waste diversion rates. Our team is skilled in many types of waste data reporting that have assisted Project Managers to achieve Green Star accreditation for their construction site.

Grasshopper Environmental is your partner for quality, sustainability, and credibility in waste management.

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