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Resource Recovery & Recycling

Resource Recovery and Recycling Services in Sydney

Total confidence that your waste will be handled responsibly

When you’re accountable for a project’s waste output, you need to know that you’ve done the right thing, so having a responsible, ethical waste management partner is crucial. A partner with the facilities to recover the maximum volume of useful material from the waste stream, maximising diversion from landfill. A partner with transparent, verifiable waste and environmental data reporting processes. A partner who doesn’t cut corners or compromise our environment.banner 100 percent clean

That’s why construction companies across Greater Sydney turn to Grasshopper as a responsible waste management and resource recovery partner. We have it sorted: Subject to the waste type and recyclable content, more than 88% of waste can be diverted from landfill each year, and we are 100% committed to Environmental Compliance.

Recover, Re-Use, Recycle. It’s A Social Obligation

Diverting every last kilogram of usable material from landfill strengthens the green credentials of any project. And it fulfills a social obligation to our environment and future generations. There’s a lot more to it than simply picking up a full skip – a lot of work goes on behind the scenes, in our processing and reporting. We take the load of resource recovery, so your teams can focus on what they do best.

We know from experience that resource recovery works best when it starts at the site, and when it’s kept simple. Often waste is collected as mixed product or ‘co-mingled’, but at some phases of construction we’ll provide extra skips for specific types of waste material – timber, plasterboard, rubble, steel, etc. But it’s when the waste reaches our resource recovery facility that the work begins in earnest.

Once received at our resource recovery facility, the waste is processed by machine and hand sorting to extract all recoverable materials for re-use and recycling. Materials are separated and processed for re-use – soil is screened, masonry is crushed, timbers and vegetation are mulched, while metals, glass, plastics and cardboard are sent for recycling. Whether it’s gravel for a rural road, mulch for landscaping in a city park, or a new glass bottle for softdrink, the bulk of the waste stream is re-purposed while the remaining residue of non-recyclable material is taken to certified landfill sites.

The All Important Audit Chain. Sorted

Not only do stakeholders value their project’s green credentials, they expect detailed evidence to prove that environmental obligations have been met. With Grasshopper as your waste management partner, you’ll have peace-of-mind, with the answers at your fingertips.

Our reports detail:

  • which site the waste comes from;
  • the contents of every skip;
  • where the waste is processed for resource recovery;
  • how much of each waste type is generated;
  • how much material is diverted from landfill.

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We track the waste stream from collection through sorting and disposal, giving your company an unbroken audit chain for every skip that leaves your site.

New From Old – The resource Recovery Process

New from old - the resource recovery process

*Example of re-use only, subject to material type and market variations for recycled commodities.