The Importance of Corporate Waste Management

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN’s climate science body, published a report that stated the world has 12 years before the effects of climate change are irreversible. Forty Australian experts provided input to the report, involved in Working Groups on the Physical Sciences, Impacts, Adaption and Vulnerability and the Mitigation of Climate Change. The IPCC called on policymakers and industry leaders to take the lead to influence the world in adopting practices to offset the current situation. With the threat of droughts, flooding, and extreme weather conditions anticipated to affect the socio-economic structure negatively, private citizens are increasingly doing their part to offset the current situation.

In the corporate world, companies have started to implement or refine waste management schemes for their respective workplaces. Since this practice involves the collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of waste, a proper waste management plan allows monitoring and regulating of the rubbish produced. Fewer waste results in a smaller carbon footprint, something environmental experts are pushing for across the globe, with Australia committing to a 60 percent reduction by 2050. 

The Socio-Economic Returns of Reducing Waste

The Australian government works with local government bodies to develop and implement waste management policies throughout the country. Non-compliance with these policies can result in hefty fines and penalties that can have a significant impact on a business. This is why many company owners are willing to carry out waste management practises in their workplace. For example, solid waste from businesses in Queensland predominantly ended up in landfill sites.  The Queensland authorities, concerned about the cost, environmental impact and unsustainability of this practise, re-introduced a levy on refuse dumped at landfill sites. Introducing taxes and increasing the charge identifies the correct value of landfill and generates income that can be used to improve sorting and recycling infrastructure.   

Aside from compliance with national and local policies, waste reduction allows companies to save on costs. Rubbish skip bin services in Sydney make it easier to implement a waste management strategy.   Another example is the paperless approach; this entails less dependence on paper by way of digital alternatives. Companies that adopt this approach can lessen their expenses on stationery supplies.

Investments in these types of waste management solutions bring about several cost-cutting results that allow you to redirect expenses towards other purposes. Moreover, the implementation of these practises improves corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

The Environmental Impact of Waste Management

Unregulated waste disposal poses a threat to the environment. Non-biodegradable materials consumed by animals and toxic chemicals seeping into groundwater are just some of the consequences of improper waste management. As well as CO2, landfills emit methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more damaging. To meet its environmental commitments, the Australian government is encouraging the private sector and local authorities to find ways to reduce landfill and promote re-use and recycling.

Implementing a good waste management policy is a key component for companies that wish to reduce their environmental impact. Aside from the proper disposal of different materials, you have the option of repurposing recyclables into useful items. An example of which is the use of shredded documents as packing material. Likewise, you can have your food waste redirected to gardens and farms to convert to compost.

Environmentally sustainable practises, even those that seem frivolous can have a significant impact. Since businesses can reach people in different sectors, your commitment to the environment has the potential to encourage your audience to adopt changes of their own.        

Waste Management Solutions from Grasshopper

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