Why Choose Grasshopper for Your Waste Management Needs

6 March 2019

Since the early ’80s, Grasshopper Environmental has delivered excellent waste management services, including environmental reporting, in a timely manner for on-site efficiency.

Here are some reasons why your business should partner with Grasshopper Environmental for your waste management needs.

Our vast experience in the industry makes us an ethical and reliable partner

Grasshopper has more than three decades of experience in fulfilling Sydney’s waste management needs. We are also one of Sydney’s most ethical waste management businesses. Our organisation’s goal is to save waste from the landfill by recycling materials. Because we respect and value the environment, we strive to recycle as much plastic, metal, cardboard and glass as possible. We are committed to responsible operations, consistently follow industry regulations, and operate our business in a way that is beneficial to people and the environment. Over the years, we have developed systems for best practice when handling and disposing of various types of waste.

Because we value transparency, we provide comprehensive reports that monitor our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of waste management. We make sure that the documentation covers the waste sources, the contents of the skips, the amount of rubbish collected and how much material is redirected from the landfills.

We provide personal and responsive service to our clients

Projects commence with us studying our clients’ needs and crafting an efficient waste management plan for them. We keep open communication lines with our customers, making sure that they know the details of our strategy and address any concerns they have. We continuously assess and adapt our waste disposal operations to offer our clients better services. We provide our clients with industry-leading vehicles and facilities ideal for handling waste efficiently and safely.

We have the capacity for any project

We specialise in waste disposal practices for a range of markets. Our clients include companies from the industrial and commercial sectors. We meet the demands of the construction and demolition industries, warehouses, nursing homes and strata management companies. Our teams have the expertise to sort out any waste management needs that our clients require.

Recently we partnered with the New Strathfield Rail Underpass (NSRU) Alliance for an underpass construction project. The project was part of a joint Commonwealth and NSW Government endeavour. Because it was a government initiative, the NSRU Alliance was required to adhere to strict environmental standards, including the requirement for over 80 per cent of construction waste to be recycled.

The NSRU Alliance wanted to deal with an Australian-owned company that had an excellent track record for environmental responsibility. One of their environmental engineers inspected our facility to confirm that we handled waste responsibly and had the capacity to recycle on a large scale. We fit the bill.

Construction of the underpass was a huge project. Waste collection points were spread across eight separate sites over 3 kilometres. Because the area was in a residential area, we worked closely with the Alliance’s traffic management team to ensure that our deliveries and removals happened within a specific window of time. We utilised the Alliance’s communication tools to integrate seamlessly into the project.

Grasshopper provides excellent waste management services for your business

We specialise in demolition waste disposal for businesses in Sydney and across Australia. You can trust us to go over and beyond what you expect.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, contact us today on 1300 147 277.